Wind Turbine Hoist

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What is the wind turbine hoist?

Wind Turbine Hoist
As we all know, the generator sets of wind turbines are very high, usually can reach more than hundred meters, in the event of mechanical failure, repair tools and accessories are difficult to transport.
And the use of harsh environment, where the atmosphere is high humidity, high salinity, very easy to make metal corrosion.
Wind turbine hoist refers to the electric chain hoist which used in wind turbines , can be equipped with a chain of hundreds of meters, so it can solve the transport problems of accessories, and the chain surface treatment of the crane hoist has a high corrosion resistance.


Characteristics of wind power hoist

1.Use high power TEFC motor,high lifting speedWind Turbine Hoist
The speed is more than one time of the ordinary hoist, can save half of times. Active air-cooled TEFC motor, so that the hoist will not be hot after a long time running






2.Use of all aluminum frameWind Turbine Hoist
Compared to the cast iron frame, the aluminum frame is lighter in weight and will not rust to meet the harsh atmospheric environment.





3.Using a chain of dacromet surface treatmentWind Turbine Hoist
The main surface treatment technology has blackening treatment, galvanized treatment and the dacromet treatment, while the dacromet is expensive, but its anti-corrosion and rust-proof ability is the best.










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