The type of wire rope

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The type of wire rope

The wire rope electric hoist is usually used with the crane. It can improve labor efficiency and improve labor conditions, but
what's the difference between the wire rope on the electric wire rope hoist?

In general, stainless steel wire rope can be divided into hemp core wire rope and steel core wire rope.

The type of wire rope

The middle of hemp core stainless steel wire rope is composed of a hemp rope. With the letter FC.

The function of the hemp core is to store the lubricating oil, to make the oil on the surface of the stainless steel wire to make a lasting oil supplement, and make the stainless steel wire durable. It is essential to oil the stainless steel wire, which is often in

The steel wire rope of steel core is made up of a stainless steel wire rope in the middle. With the letter IWS or IWR.

Steel core stainless steel wire rope has better wear life and extrusion resistance than core steel wire rope. It has higher service
life, breaking force is relatively high, and its softness is relatively low.

The type of wire rope

Kaidao ELK series monorail wire rope hoist have high quality and durable wire rope.




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