ELKC Monorail Hoist

ELKC Monorail  Hoist


Designed to endure


The ELKC electric hoist is designed for optimal performance—Even in the
toughest jobs under difficult conditions. The ELKC hoist can be installed under the
hook or monorail,It is a quiet monorail chain hoist, helps reduce work load and
increase service life. Practical high reliable at its best, the ELKC monorail hoist lets
you no worry about work.


ELKC Monorail  Hoist




ELKC Monorail  Hoist
        Dual speed hoist adopt built-in inverter

Adopt built-in inverter to make hoist in dual speeds will reduces swing in operation,helps monorail chain hoist start steadily and stop slowly .The speed ratio can be
adjusted,the standard speed ratio is 4:1,if special requirement,please inform when

ELKC Monorail  Hoist



Sturdy Chain Technology
Japan FEC80 chain ultra heat-treatable steelalloy chain.Lifting height is against your requirement.


ELKC Monorail  Hoist





As emergency overload protection,clutch will function and motor will slip when abnormal load.It can protect monorail hoist and operator.



ELKC Monorail  Hoist




Hand Switch

An ergonnomic shape design ensures hand switch operated friendly.The button with a light soft operating sensation satisfied the operator not
fatigued after a long operation of monorail hoist.

ELKC Monorail  Hoist
ELKC Monorail  Hoist
ELKC Monorail  Hoist

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