Monorail Crane Accessories

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Monorail Crane Accessories
        Monorail hoist inverter

Monorail hoist inverter can make the hoist in dual speeds will reduces swing in
operation,helps hoist start steadily and stop slowly. 

Monorail Crane Accessories



Monorail hoist transformer
The monorail hoist transformer has good core and the same material, the treatment
system and wire winding process is very critical. 

Monorail Crane Accessories



No joint security slide wire

The system of multi-polar conductor busbar are made up of high-impact
engineering plastic insulator or aluminum covering, multi-polar Conductive copper
platoon, current collector, suspension and fixing components.


Monorail Crane Accessories




Monorail crane stop buffer
Monorail crane buffer to protect the safety of heavy machinery and
equipment in the transport of raw materials and products in the process

Monorail Crane Accessories
Push botton
monorail hoist waterproof push button is applied.It's light and durable.

Monorail Crane Accessories
Remote control
Steady performance. Premium material and durable. Easy to instal and use.

Monorail Crane Accessories

        monorail hoist hook

It's hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break.The operation safety of
the lowerhook is ensured by its 360 degrees ratation and safety tongue piece.

Monorail Crane Accessories
        Monorail hoist chain

Kaidao supply several types of monorail hoist chain,including Japan FEC80 chain and China G80 chain.

Monorail Crane Accessories

        Monorail crane collector

Quick and Easy Assembly,excellent Ellectrial Conductivity,CAD/CAM designed for
Stable Quality.



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