Chain surface treatment

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Chain mainly has three kinds of surface treatment technology

Chain surface treatment
1.Dacromet 2.galvanization 3.Blacking

Chain surface treatment
Dacromet is a recognized leading inorganic coating,
and is used in many industries,this is an environmentally friendly, water-based coating.
Mike Martin, a scientist in the United States, has developed a metal-zinc sheet that joins aluminum sheets to do solvent high dispersion water-soluble paint, coating on the metal substrate, after the full closed cycle coating process, forming a thin coating, the Rockwell coating successfully resist the erosion of chloride ions, anti-corrosion technology into a new stage, Innovation of the traditional process of corrosion-resistant.
1.Heat-resistant temperature up to 300 ℃. and the traditional galvanizing process,The coating will be discarded when the temperature reached 100 ℃.
2.Ultra-strong corrosion resistance
Anti-rust effect is 7-10 times better than galvanized chain.
1.Poor conductivity
Not suitable for electrically conductive parts, such as earthing bolts for electrical appliances.


Chain surface treatment
Galvanization refers to the surface treatment technology which is coated with zinc on the surface of metal, alloy or other material to form a beautiful, rust-proof coating.
Advantage: Good appearance,lower cost.
Disadvantage: Poor corrosion resistance.


Chain surface treatment
Blackening is a chemical surface treatment of a common means, the principle is to produce a layer of metal surface oxide film to isolate the air, to achieve rust-proof purposes.
Advantage: The process is simple and has anti-rust and corrosion resistance.
Disadvantage: Can not protect the parts in the acid base environment,poor Durability.




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